An Overview of Wisdom Teeth Impaction

wisdom teeth
wisdom teeth


An accomplished maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Rocky Cullens serves residents of the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, area. As well as performing dental implants, Dr. Rocky Cullens surgically addresses a number of dental problems, including impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth, the molars in the very back of the mouth, emerge later in life. In many cases, however, the wisdom teeth become impacted, which means the teeth fail to emerge properly because of a lack of room in the mouth.

In some situations, impacted wisdom teeth do not cause immediate symptoms or dental health issues. However, impacted teeth can result in a variety of problems, including inflamed gums, pain in the jaw, and a bad taste in the mouth.

Different levels of wisdom tooth impaction exist. In some instances, the tooth makes it through the jawbone but is partially covered by the gums, which is a condition known as soft tissue impaction.

Partial bony impaction occurs when a portion of the tooth remains within the bone of the jaw. Complete bony impaction is when the tooth remains fully in the bone.

Doctors can evaluate and determine the course of treatment for impacted wisdom teeth. In many cases, doctors will recommend removing the wisdom teeth, even if problems have not yet occurred.


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